A Letter from Dr. Dan Eoriatti:

To patients of West Salem Chiropractic,

With all of the news concentrating so heavily on the outbreak of Covid 19 I do want you to remember a few things. There is no greater defense against this virus than your own immune system. Your body is programmed to fight it off and in a large part that is determined by how healthy that you are. Make sure that during this time you are getting plenty of rest, eating healthy, avoiding excessive white sugar and white flour which diminish immune function; and make sure you avoid stress. Stress is one of the greatest inhibitors of your immune function.

If you have underlying medical conditions you need to abide by this stay-at-home order. The elderly and those with underlying medical conditions are most at risk. If you are sick or have traveled anywhere out-of-state in the last two weeks please do not come into the clinic to avoid infecting others. If you do need to be seen and you are sick and have traveled please leave a message with my staff and if it is an emergency we will make appropriate arrangements for you. First and foremost I must protect my most vulnerable patients during this outbreak and will take all of the steps necessary to do so. My staff and I are very concerned about your health and well-being and we are all here for you.

Thank you,
Dr Dan Eoriatti

West Salem Chiropractic

Dr. Daniel Eoriatti | West Salem, WI and Lacrosse, WI

At West Salem Chiropractic, our goal is to make chiropractic care an approachable method of recovery. There's no reason you should be tolerating uncomfortable levels of pain due to a car accident, spine injury, or pregnancy. Dr. Daniel Eoriatti can provide a chiropractic adjustment, helpful and simple lifestyle changes, and well-rounded advice that you can act on in your daily life. We'll find the source that's causing your pain, and develop an effective treatment plan for your needs. We service West Salem, Wisconsin & all of La Crosse County.

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Chiropractic care has proven to be one of the most effective and safest forms of health care for spinal injuries. Many of our patients at West Salem Chiropractic are suffering from long-term back pain, car accident injuries, spine injuries, or back pain due to pregnancy. Dr. Daniel Eoriatti specializes in a chiropractic technique called the Gonstead technique. He enjoys teaching new patients about this practice and making treatments an approachable method of care and recovery. Frequently people experience pain and choose to tolerate it rather than treat it. Don't wait! Come in and see Dr. Daniel Eoriatti today and get on the road to recovery.


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